Safety Orientation

Safety Orientation for Visitors To The Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine

Though visiting the Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire mine should be enjoyable and educational, there are inherent dangers associated with active mining operations. You must read the following information and agree to abide by the below-stated rules and guidelines:

Do not take Coon Creek Road, Flowers Gap Road, or Ruby Knoll Road.

Hazards and dangers are both manmade and natural, and can result in injury, loss of limb, or death. Some of the natural hazards and dangers include, but are not limited to: severe weather (snow, rain, hail, lightning), terrain features (flowing streams, steep banks, unstable streambeds, wet/slippery terrain, loose rocks/gravel).

Rocks on upper slopes may loosen and roll or slide without warning. Exercise caution when walking across a slope. Loose rocks, gravel, logs, branches or other objects on the ground may dislodge and make it easy to turn or twist an ankle.

Excessive sun exposure is possible if proper preventive measures are not observed. Biting and/or stinging insects may be present.

Venomous snakes, spiders and insects may occasionally be present – do not disturb them and notify mine personnel IMMEDIATELY of their presence. Bring proper/appropriate protective clothing and gear, suitable for the season and local weather. Sturdy footwear, hat and gloves are recommended.


Manmade dangers include, but are not limited to: Mechanical equipment (both moving and stationary), excavation highwalls, retention ponds, settling ponds, materials handling and/or storage bins. Participants are prohibited from being within 50 feet of any operational equipment. This includes (but is not limited to) pneumatic tools, excavators, backhoes, loaders, track hoes, skid steer loaders, compressors, pressurized lines, materials handling equipment, dump trucks, trailers, or mine vehicles. A fifty-foot zone is designated around any and all such equipment, as well as all settling and retention ponds. You will be asked to leave the mining area if you violate these zones.

You are not allowed in any excavation which is over the height of your head. Rocks can and will fall without warning. Wind can loosen small rocks above you and blow dust and sand into your eyes. Unstable banks can collapse.


Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine rules will not protect you from every danger, potential danger, or unknown danger, but they will provide a physical buffer from said dangers and increase reaction times in such circumstances. Also remember to not burrow under any rocks, boulders or outcroppings that may become unstable, loose, and dangerous. In general, when digging, always be aware of other miners around you. Never toss a rock in any direction without first checking to see if someone is in the path of a rock you may throw. Breaking rock is not condoned, and use of any tools not provided by the mine, or approved by mine personnel prior to use, is prohibited.

Never shovel dirt without first checking for other miners in your vicinity. Always assume that someone will be close to your mining activity. Be very cautious with tools. Make certain that others are a safe distance whenever using any tool – shovel, sifter, buckets – and never enter the operating space of another miner operating any tools. If it becomes necessary to do so, NOTIFY the other Participant before moving into their operating space, and do not move until they have clearly acknowledged your presence and intention to move into their operating space.

Be especially mindful and watchful of an children on site. Although we tend to become excited while mining, children tend to become especially excited. ALL children and/or minors in the mine digging area must be under adult supervision.

Have Fun and BE SAFE!

Thank you for visiting The Cherokee Ruby & Sapphire Mine


Do not take Coon Creek Road, Flowers Gap Road, or Ruby Knoll Road.